An Open Platform for Investors

Investor receives a subscription to all information for traders.

Buying ITETRY tokens, investor participates in distribution of profits from the project.

Investor gets an access to the platform's full information(including signals for trading) for 1 month for each 500 ITETRY tokens.

Our tokens can always be withdrawn to your own wallet.

ITETRY tokens are presented in two popular blockchains BEP-20 and ERC-20.

An Open Platform for Traders

Trader who buys a subscription becomes an investor and receives tokens.

An economy of your time. We process large amounts of information from different sources(including those requiring payment)for you, analyze it and give ready-to-use approved result.

Every trader becomes a full participant of our ICO project. Thus, paying for subscription to signals, you get tokens equivalent to subscription price, which presupposes your passive income in the future.

We trade ourselves on one of the largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges Binance

We plan to share the profits from our own trade among the project participants.

ITETRY token ERC-20 Contract 0x529dc4a92d9b50878b4877e172c14f4bd33289eb

ITETRY token BEP-20 Contract 0x7596B1C6767e3443ddD55d72fF5272939695299D



Where do signals come from and how to use them

A trader's everyday routine is filled with a lot of endless What? Where? When? What coin is just about to become a bomb? When is the best time to buy? When it's better to sell? When do I make the deal? When do I get out of a trade? Where should I put stop-losses?

Not everybody can make a full technical analysis of high-low graphs or make right conclusions from their former finished deals. This is where the signals are meant to help. Based on the opinions of exchange experts, they can help you to make the right decision.

Use them together with your personal solutions and it will greatly increase your chances for profit and save your time.


Download the whitepaper and learn about ITETRY Token and the team plans.

White Paper (2021)
White Paper (2021)
White Paper (2021)

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Trading, investments, cryptocurrency exchanges - are the areas, in which it is difficult to reach a full understanding even for a professional. That's why the questions that are continuously arising seem to be a norm.

You needn't spare to ask our help. We are always accessible and ready to answer the questions, addressed to our team.

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